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Paperweight & Coasters

Glass oval paperweight & coasters in silver or black available with your pressed flowers


           You only get one bouquet...

 You only get one chance to preserve it...

Choose the best and don't throw it away...

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 Your Special Flowers Pressed & Framed 

Wedding Bouquets




Capture the Memory





Tel:  07929 483793

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Wedding Flowers

Your Wedding Bouquet is an important part of your special day so why not capture the memory and have it pressed and set into a frame of your choice.  

We also have several other products to display your flowers.

About us

Hello, I am based in Dorset, UK and have over 28 years experience in managing and handling flowers from my customers special occasions.  You will receive a unique and personal service at all times.  I am always here to answer your questions and advise you on the best way to display your pressed flowers. Your flowers can be delivered by hand or sent by post.


Floral Tributes

If you lose someone special, Flower Press UK can press & frame flowers from your floral tributes as a special memory of a loved one.

Pendants, Cuff Links & Hanging Hearts

Pressed petal pieces from your special flower arrangement are scattered into a resin cast. Capture your special memory in a unique pendant, hanging heart or cufflinks.

Hanging Hearts with a Silver Angel Charm also available.

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Deliver or send your flowers

Tracey x


Replicas & Dried flowers

If you missed the chance to have your bouquet preserved, it can be reproduced from a photograph.  This makes an ideal gift for special anniversaries.


Dried Flowers:  If you have some flowers that have dried out i can place some of the dried petals/foliage into one of our resin products or a bauble.  Check out our Replicas/Dried Flowers Page

Make sure you visit our Gift Shop

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