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Replicas/Dried Flowers

If you missed the chance of having your wedding bouquet or any other floral arrangement pressed and framed it can be reproduced from a photograph.


This makes a lovely gift for special anniversaries.

Dried Flowers

If you have missed the opportunity to press your fresh flowers and they have dried out but still have some colour we can help you make a beautiful memory.

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These dried freshias were made into this beautiful bauble and cufflinks

This dried buttonhole was made into a hanging heart and bauble

Other items that can be made from your dried flowers

IMG_1067 IMG_1282 IMG_1224 IMG_0833 ring round cufflink IMG_1843

* Dried petal cufflinks oval/round £28

* Hanging heart £11.50, with angel £13.75

* Dried petal Bauble £5

* Dried petal hanging garland 12" £4.50

* Silver petal pendant £35

* Silver milled edged petal pendant £30

* Ball dried petal pendant on strap £25

* Ball dried petal pendant on silver chain £28

* Silver round dried petal rings £20

* Silver oval dried petal rings £23

* Dried petal teddy 19.50

* Dried petal teddy with silver bail/ribbon £21.50

* Dried petal button £7.50


Dried petal garlands can be made for venue decor please enquire for details


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