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Double sided fabric heart

£5.95, free p&p

Fresh flower fabric heart

The colour is squeezed from the fresh flower petals to make this fabric.

£6.95, free p&p

Fabric Hearts  £5.95, free p&p

Fabric Hearts

£5.95, free p&p

Click on an image for a larger view & the code.  Place order via contact page giving item code, thank you.

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Eye Masks, lovely and soft £5.75, free p&p


Click on the item for code & order via contact page.

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Crochet make up remover pads.

Pack of 2 washable cotton pads, perfect for removing make up.

Environmentally friendly.

£5 free p&p  (click on item for code & order via the contact page)

Hen/pamper bags

Lovely gift for your hens or for a girls night in.



Eye mask

One crochet make up remover pad

Wine glass charm

Small bag dried petal confetti

Love hearts sweets


£7.50 each (p&p will depend on how many ordered)

Made to order

Personalised bunting.

Fabric used is mixed vintage/floral designs.

Size 113" 187cm, 14 flags (11 letters)

£35 free p&p


Each additional flag £2  

Made to order

Large bag dried mixed petal confetti

Approx three/four handfuls

Environmentally friendly


£3.95, free p&p



Bunting IMG_0758 IMG_0763 IMG_0762 IMG_0765 IMG_0760

Thank you tag cards, pack of 3

Complete with handmade envelopes and seals

£4.50, free p&p